Welcome to DIALOG1. This is a cleverly crafted simulation that brings to life the Platonic dialogue "Euthyphro." It creates the illusion of dialogue by assuming the role of Socrates, while you play the part of the priest Euthyphro. The simulation reenacts the dialogue by conducting a highly interactive conversation with you. Just like Socrates, DIALOG1 uses a combination of questions, explanations, and examples to guide you into accepting the same conclusions that so troubled and frustrated poor Euthyphro.

DIALOG1 is an exciting opportunity for you to actually participate in a classic philosophical debate rather than being a mere spectator. Instead of just reading or following a lecture, you will experience the full force and weight of a Socratic argument. By struggling to understand the subtle meaning of propositions and by attempting and failing to deny unsavory conclusions, you will be both challenged and entertained. And, more significantly, you will be left with a deep appreciation of the substantive issues raised by the dialogue.

In addition, DIALOG1 introduces you to the process of formalizing or reconstructing arguments by displaying a series of arguments in various stages of development. Every premise you accept is numbered and entered in an ongoing argument. After a conclusion is drawn, it appears in the argument, along with the numbered steps from which it follows. Once you have seen how argument reconstruction works, you will then undertake the process yourself.

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