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Internet Research - Illustrated Seventh Edition


 Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach, 2nd Edition

Internet Research Illustrated, Seventh Edition offers new tips and tools for automatically and manually generating the most effective keywords for locating the information you want online. Comprehensive coverage of Boolean search techniques and other advanced search operators remain a mainstay of the book to maximize the efficacy of Internet research. The 7th Edition preserves the tradition of teaching how to evaluate the value, veracity, and reliability of content found online, as well as how to properly cite the information found online by using the most popular citation formats. In addition, this new edition provides the latest approaches in efficient social media searching.


Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach, 2n Edition is the seminal textbook in the field, with its distinctive conceptual foundation and practical approach to developing successful social media marketing plans. A proven eight-step social media planning model provides students with a cumulative learning experience, showing them how to construct social media strategies that achieve desired marketing goals. These marketing goals shape the development of tailored social media strategies.


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